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Ergonomic Evaluation

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Evaluation for Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace environment in a way that keeps in mind the abilities and limitations of a worker. Poor worksite design has been shown to lead to chronically fatigued, frustrated, and injured workers. This sort of environment does not lead to a productive worker. Proper ergonomic design and good posture are essential to help prevent repetitive strain injuries, which develop over time and lead to long-term disabilities.

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Ergonomic evaluations can help reduce the stress on the body at the workplace. Chiropractc Wellness Center of Cary offers one-on-one personal ergonomic evaluations. Patients often come to our office with complaints of upper back pain, neck pain, and low back pain. They can also show signs of sciatica. Many times, it is caused by poor ergonomics. Give us a call today to schedule an ergonomic evaluation for you or your employees.

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