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12 Weeks to Better Posture

When was the last time you thought about your posture? The way you sit, stand, bend, and walk affects the way your body feels and functions. Here at the Chiropractic Wellness Center of Cary, we help Cary residents attain better posture through our specially developed 12-week program, which incorporates both chiropractic care and specialized StrongPosture exercises.

Your Posture Matters More Than You Might Think

Maybe you don't usually worry about your posture at all, or maybe you've noticed that you have a tendency to slouch. Maybe you've even started to develop pain in your neck or back from hunching over a smartphone or a desk. Your posture is one of those aspects of health that is easy to overlook, but that can cause you a lot of problems if you neglect it. In fact, if you habitually sit and stand with poor posture for too many years without doing something to address the problem, you will start to feel (and look) older than you really are.

Maintaining good posture, on the other hand, gives you a leg up when it comes to staying fit and healthy for a lifetime. You are less likely to injure yourself accidentally or develop low back pain if your posture is correctly aligned and your core muscles are strong. As you age, good posture can also help to prevent falls. Standing up straight makes you look and feel more confident. Who couldn't use a little extra confidence?

How Our Program Can Help You with Posture Correction

At the Chiropractic Wellness Center of Cary, we take a holistic approach to improving patients' posture during our 12-week posture correction program. There are many things that can cause poor posture, from underdeveloped core muscles to an unusual gait. No two patients develop poor posture for exactly the same reasons, so when you begin the program, our chiropractor in Cary will start by evaluating your current posture and overall health. We will then put together an individual treatment program for you.

If structural problems with your spine or soft tissues are affecting your posture, our doctor will address these problems through chiropractic care. Our specialized StrongPosture exercises, designed to strengthen your core and support your spine, are also a major component of our posture correction program. Finally, our chiropractor will study your feet and gait to determine whether custom orthotics are right for you.

See a Chiropractor in Cary Today for Better Posture That Lasts a Lifetime

When good posture is a habit, your body and mind both benefit. Call the Chiropractic Wellness Center of Cary today at 919-439-2539 to sign up for our 12-week posture correction program.

We offer customized orthotics that are scientifically designed for each individual's unique postural problems. We use state of the art 3-D digital scanning equipment which demonstrates how the patients' foot imbalances affect their postural stability.

If you are ready to feel better today, call Chiropractic Wellness Center of Cary in Cary at (919) 439-2539 to schedule an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment today. Dr. Tammy Atkinson, DC is here to help you live your life in its best quality.